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Brief History

May Pen Hospital is located in South Central Clarendon and is situated on Muirhead Avenue on the Western side of the town of May Pen. The eighteen (18) acres of land on which it is built is known as "Denbigh" and is in close proximity to the Farmers' Agricultural Show Grounds. This parcel of land was donated for the purpose, to the government, by the former Custos Muirhead of Clarendon.

About Us

On December 12, 1974 the hospital was officially opened by the then Prime Minister, Hon. Micheal Manely to serve the people of May Pen and its environs. Initially this Type C hospital had a capacity of (50) fifty beds.

The medical and nursing staff cadre then comprise of:

  • 1 Consultant in General Surgery
  • 1 Junior Doctor
  • 1 Matron
  • 18 Nursing Personnel

In 1976, with the addition of Paediatrics and Maternity, the bed capacity increased to seventy-six (76) beds. As the population of May Pen grew between the periods 1970 - 1984 by 57.8% and 1984 - 1991 by 20%, the health facilities were deemed to be no longer adequate to serve the needs of the population.

Government's commitment to Health Reform resulted in the launch of the Hospital Restoration Project (HRP). It was under this project that the new structure was built and officially opened in November 1997. It was the first hospital to be built in the twenty-six (26) years since the Cornwall Regional Hospital was opened. This beautiful design and attractive edifice with its ambiance and spacious green lawns is regarded as the best laid- out health facility in the Caribbean Region. This facility has a capacity of 150 beds, but was intended to be opened on a phased basis commencing with a complement of 86 beds. It is categorized as a Type "C" hospital with a difference.

In the strategic plan for the transition from a type "C" to "B" the following issues were carefully examined:

  • The increasing population
  • 1 The lifestyle diseases
  • Health and Legal issues
  • Public demand
  • The shrinking budget

In the upgrading and expansion process the following milestones have been achieved:

  • The complement of Junior Doctors increased by 150%
  • Two (2) additional consultant specialists employed
  • Additional nursing personnel hired
  • The recruitment of additional support staff

The following clinics and services have been put in place:

  • Medical
  • Nutrition
  • Ante-Natal
  • Gynaecological
  • Blood Centre
  • ECG
  • Central Sterilization
  • Opening of an additional ward
  • 24 hour service in: A&E, O.T, Laboratory, Radiography, Patient Admission System

If you are in the South and have the intention of seeking medical care or employment, we invite you to choose May Pen Hospital.

Meet The Team

Our Vision: "It is the vision of the Hospital that it will, in addition to being the best laid out hospital in the Caribbean, become the standard bearer of excellence in clinical patient care, staff morale and customer service."

Mrs. Yvonne Brown-SmithDirector, Nursing Services