The Southern Regional Health Authority, SRHA, is a statutory body of the Ministry of Health. SRHA is one of the four Regional Health Authorities that emerged from the National Health Services Act of 1997 which authorised the decentralization of the health care system through the creation of Regional Health Authorities. Regional management aims at improving the quality of health care with more efficient use of resources and timely decision making.

SRHA is responsible for the delivery of health care services to the residents of Clarendon, Manchester and St. Elizabeth. It is managed by a Board of Directors comprising fourteen (14) members appointed by the Ministry of Health. The Chief Executive Officer is the Regional Director (RD), who reports directly to the Chairman of the Board.

The Regional Director has the responsibility for the day-to-day administration of the business of the Authority, directing and controlling the development of strategic and operational plans for health services in the region.

Each parish is managed by a Parish Manager who accounts for expenditure of monies allocated for the delivery of public health services in the parish and directs and controls the development of strategic and operational plans for health services in that parish.In addition there are Hospital Management Committees and Parish Health Committees comprising representatives of professional and community groups.

The SRHA delivers service through its network of seventy four (74) health centres, five (5) hospitals, one (1) community hospital and two (2) rural maternity centres. There are approximately two thousand seven hundred (2700) health and administrative workers.


Our vision: Healthy People, Healthy Families, in a clean and safe environment